This Little Piggy

Quite frankly, the life of a working girl sucks. (Not that kind of a working girl! Gutter mind!) My feet are killing me! So, as a treat, I cashed in my Shoppers Optimum points and treated myself to a wide variety of pedicure and manicure items–all for free! Okay, I had to pay the tax on them, but still…

Last night I buffed up my toes and shined up my nails, and I’m feeling better already. Friday night I plan to do the whole nine yards–foot soak, nail polish, etc. I might even break out a trashy movie. OK… I will probably watch a Michael Palin special, it’s hard to go against type you know.

In other news, life is moving along slowly but peacefully. The job is very good, even if it is retail. I’ve been very comfortable and very cheery. (How unlike me!) My fall clothes are all but bought now, although I could do with another pair of pants and another sweater. My fall shoes have also been bought. They were expensive, but they are very comfortable. I guess there really is something to be said for buying expensive shoes. I’ve lost count of the number of cheap shoes I’ve given away. My calendars for next year have been bought too, and Christmas gifts are well underway. I’ve even managed to book off a Saturday so Mom and I can reveal in our nerdiness at the fall Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival. Things are coming together nicely, even if I am a little tired from getting up at 6am.

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