Some Website Whining

Having a website can be very frustrating. Although I do get many nice comments and emails about the pieces I post over on The Lotus Pond, it is the rude and mean emails that stick with me the longest.

Last night I got the following:

wiccan is only 50 years old my ass wiccan is older than the catholic religion it can be traced back many centurys dont make yourself seems like someone that knows all when no one knows everything. stop acting like there is a scientific reason for everything those whole webpage makes me sick

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t take personally a message from someone who confuses the name of a religion (Wicca) with a person who follows it (Wiccan), but that is just the sort of person I am. I put a lot of work and thought into my site. In my piece on the history of Wicca, I present two views and try to provide evidence to show why I support the theory that I do. It’s not like Ronald Hutton pulled everything out of his butt when he wrote Triumph of the Moon. And, uhhh… there is a good chance that Gardner may have.

Anyway… I’m just seriously frustrated. I was thinking about new essays and a new layout of the Pond, but now I’m just thinking about scrapping the whole thing. Blah. But I guess it is better to keep my somewhat educated site around to counter some of the more fluffy one. Who knows.

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4 Responses to Some Website Whining

  1. Jenny says:

    “You should remember the compliments you receive, and forget the insults.” If only it was that easy! Try to shrug it off best you can, though. 🙂 Morons don’t deserve your attention or energy.

  2. Bec says:

    You know, by the logic (ie that wicca is thousands of years old because of it’s roots) I to am at least a couple of hundred years old, because that’s how far back I can trace my family tree. Also, by that logic the Catholic Church is also thousands of years old because a lot of it’s traditions are also pagan in origin.

    I’m sorry you get stupid emails. I wish I had something better then this to say.

  3. Susan says:

    When we post our thoughts and comments out in the open on a public website such as we do, unfortunately we open ourselves up to idiots like the one you encountered.

    Don’t let a handful of cow dung deflect you from the path you are walking…rather, step lightly over them and move on.

  4. Autumn says:

    Hang in there. People like this evidently can’t seperate the modern expression (Wicca) from its ancestors (folk tradition and witchcraft).

    It bothers me when people say that Wicca is ancient. It’s not: the components and source material may be old and of various vintages, but that doesn’t make the finished product old by association. Wicca’s like a mosaic made from pieces of stone gathered from a ruined temple: the material is ancient, true, and imbued with history… but the mosaic you create wit it is an original piece of work.

    Your site is thoughtful and well-presented. Don’t let the negative feedback get you down. Even if they’re the ones to whom you wish you were getting through.