What About Me?

I’m tired today, even though I’ve had plenty of sleep. My part-time hours at work are quickly sliding into full-time hours again. The store owner has only hired one new person, and she is not working out at all. Both the owner and I are being run ragged, trying to clean up Christmas items and get Valentine’s Day items out, as well as trying to clean up the mistakes the new girl is making. Right now, she is just a warm body until someone else can be hired. Quite frankly, I don’t know how much longer I can keep going. But, I am a nice person who hates to see others be put out, so I keep agreeing to work more hours. *sigh*

One of my resolutions this year was to take better care of myself–get the proper amount of sleep, exercise, try to manage my pain better, etc. And yet, I am already letting other people’s feelings get in the way. I keep telling myself that in a month it will be okay, but I say the same thing next month. Argh! When am I going to learn to look out for myself just a little more?

This is really a whiny year for me so far, isn’t it? 😛

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1 Responses to What About Me?

  1. Joe L. says:

    If you want a total stranger’s two cents(And I’m -sure- you do :D), I think if you’re dead-set on being a nice person, at least put a time-limit on it. Like say if things aren’t worked out after January X you’re going to do something, that way you can still say “It’ll all work out next month” and at the same time not worry about saying that next month. 😀

    And you say “This is a really whiny year for me so far, isn’t it? :P” like whining is a bad thing. 😛 I myself find whining, especially whining in your blog, to be a very freeing experience. Vent vent vent! If we cared about such things we wouldn’t still be reading, eh? 🙂