Not Living Simple

When one is trying to explore a more simple life, working in a retail store can be very difficult. Temptation abounds in the form of beautiful stationary, alluring bath products, and very yummy chocolate.

I will freely admit that I am failing miserably at adopting the principles of Simple Living. I like my large book collection and my small collection of useless knick-knacks. I am, however, doing well at not starting other collections, as tempting as those cute little things are. 🙂 I think making my bed every morning is nice, even if it does take time. And, conversely, I just don’t have time to cook a meal from scratch everyday, so I occasionally use convenience foods.

My life is not simple, no matter how hard I work to make it that way. (Maybe that’s why it isn’t simple.) Life is complicated–full of emotions and temptations (I swear I hear a pretty box of note cards calling my name!!), and plans being unexpectedly laid to waste. I think it is more important for me to find peace and simplicity in the midst of the daily madness, than to artificially create a peaceful environment that makes it difficult to cope with the real world.

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