Fountain Dream

Sometimes I hate staring at a blank page. All those neatly ruled lines just waiting for me to fill them with words. I feel like everything coming out of my pen must be meaningful and profound. What a lot of pressure!

I’ll share another couple of secrets with you. First, my handwriting must always be as neat as possible. Second, I expect my first draft to be perfect. It is amazing I get anything written, isn’t it?

Ultimately, I would love to do all my writing with a fountain pen filled with purple ink on lovely, heavy, cream-coloured paper. Each word would be perfect and each sentence a masterpiece. But until I reach this totally unrealistic goal, I will keep writing away with my ballpoint pen on inexpensive lined paper, making mistakes as I go along. I figure the best way to learn about writing is to write, and the tools I use are unimportant.

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