Instant Gratification

I’ve figured out something pretty big — I’m all about instant gratification. If I want something (within reason), I buy it right away. I also have trouble signing on to something for the long haul — like weight loss or the BOTA course. There is always an excuse at hand to explain why, though, and it never has anything to do with my impatience to see results. 😉

So what I am going to do about this? Well, obviously, I want to seem some sort of result soon, and that’s the rub. The only project I seem to be able to stick with for long is my cross stitch. What is the difference between that and the other projects I abandon? Well, I see very obvious ongoing results; I get a physical object when I’m done; I can do it while watching TV; and it is a hobby, so there is no real pressure.

Maybe that’s the key! If there is any sort of pressure, real or imagined, I give up. How very sad.

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