Seeing Me

I’ve recently learned how easy it is to lose touch with one’s body. For quite some time I’ve been very aware that I was out of shape. I had never really felt fat though, even after my doctor suggested I lose some weight. But, after seeing my wedding pictures, I have realised how wrong I was.

I think my weight snuck up on me over the years. I gained some weight at the beginning of university and a few pounds near the end. And, of course, I gained some more after I moved out of my parent’s home. It also doesn’t help that at most of my jobs I’ve ate fast food for lunch. Even still, it really was a shock to see so many pictures of me looking so heavy.

I can’t say for sure yet if I have been given enough incentive to lose some weight. It is easy enough to ignore a few bad pictures. But thinking of all the other things I want to do — have a baby, feel healthy, and feel comfortable with my body — I know they will be easier to accomplish it I am at a healthier weight.

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