Spam, Spam, Spam, Spamity, Spam

My grade four teacher taught my class that we should never say we hate something because hate is a strong feeling that is nearly impossible to feel. Instead, she said we should say we loath and detest something. Years later, this is a habit I still have, even though it sometimes gets chuckles from friends and co-workers.

Now that I work at home, I have come to realize that I honestly hate telemarketers. The phone will ring several times during the day, and nearly always it is a telemarketer. (If it isn’t, it is someone who thinks we are a local university since we have a similar phone number.) It is maddening to have my day interrupted by someone trying to sell me windows, carpet cleaning, or landscaping. I am not interested, and even if I was I wouldn’t buy from someone over the phone!!

Almost as bad is all the spam I get daily. The account I have associated with this blog and The Lotus Pond gets nearly 50 spam messages a day. My hotmail account gets about 2 a day, my main email account about 5, and my more professional account (using my name not my alias) gets about 1 a week. Of course, the last one has only been around since September. 🙂 And, again, I would never buy anything advertised in these email, so please stop sending them to me all you spammers!!

I feel a little better now. 😉

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