Brightness Among the Grey

Yesterday I was supposed to walk up to Bloor street to pick up some groceries, but I was feeling kind of blah so I put it off to today. Today the weather seemed unpleasant–snowing one minute, raining the next, and sunny a few minutes later. But I dug the bundle buggy out of the closet and headed off on my walk, and I am so very glad I did.

Since I was out in the yucky weather regardless of whether I really wanted to be, I thought I would enjoy a nice slow walk and watch the birds playing. So many of them were out enjoying the rain and picking seeds and what-not off of peoples lawns. When I was about half way to my destination I noticed that spring flowers have started to pop up. I was nearly dazzled by the bright colour of the bluebells peaking out from under a hedge, and the yellow of the crocuses nearly made up for the lack of sun today. There is also ample evidence that more flowers will soon make an appearance, as I saw the leaves of tulips and lily-of-the-valley (my personal favourite) poking through many people’s lawns and gardens.

Sadly, I’m going to be stuck indoors downtown tomorrow, which means I’m unlikely to see any real flowers. But on Friday I need to take another walk up to Bloor street. This time I will try to pay closer attention to the flowers brightening up the brown and grey lawns.

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1 Responses to Brightness Among the Grey

  1. Jaspenelle says:

    Whenever the weather is yucky I always like to remembering without the rain the flowers I so love couldn’t grow. Your entry reminded I have to dig up a picture I took of a lily of the valley with drewdrops clinging to it for a friend…