The 419 Keyboard

I get a lot of spam everyday. I get, maybe, 60 spam messages through the email account that is attached to this website, and probably another 10 spam messages from all my other email addresses. I get messages about everything from stocks to making my (non-existent) penis larger. My personal favourite, though, are 419 Scams, also know as Nigerian Scams. I’ve got some pretty creative letters, and I am always amused when they say they have researched me but still call me “Sir.”

There is a fun website called 419 Eater that posts the results of various scambaiting attempts. My personal favourite has to be John Boko and the Wooden C64. I mean, who wouldn’t want a wooden C64?

Yes, okay, it isn’t nice to string scammers along. Surely it causes harm somewhere along the way. But I can’t help but take a little bit of secret pleasure when I see scammers being strung along.

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