Staying Grounded for Now

I don’t like to fly. I know the physics behind flight, but I still feel like it shouldn’t work. I suppose you could say that I just don’t believe that the plane is actually going to stay in the air, and every time it hits a patch of turbulence, I’m sure the the laws of physics have decided that planes really shouldn’t fly…

Since 9/11 I have had even more reasons to have flying–I am treated like a terrorist every time I travel by plane. I must take off my shoes and be submitted to a scan; I must be prepared to open by bags for inspection; I must be sure not to look suspicious (whatever that means); I must be at the airport hours early just so I can be treated like a terrorist. It’s no wonder airlines are losing money. Who would want to pay for the privilege of being treated like a criminal?

With the arrest of terror suspects in the U.K. this week, new regulations have been implemented. Now, at least in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., liquids and gels are banned from carry-on luggage. Restricted items include:

  • All beverages (so no water for those dehydrating flights of long waits; good news for the restaurants in the waiting areas)
  • Shampoo (I hope hotels will start providing better shampoos and conditioners)
  • Suntan lotion
  • Creams (Ladies, remember to toss out that bottle of hand cream floating around in the bottom of your purse)
  • Hair styling gel
  • Any item of similar consistency

Thankfully, items like baby formula and breast milk are still being allowed, at least for the time being. However, Canada’s Federal Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon has said that more items are likely to be banned. It has also been suggested that passengers should pack their laptop computers into their checked bags. I refuse to do that until checked bags are treated more carefully. And apparently women shouldn’t wear high heels. I can’t image why. Perhaps there is a fear that the heel will be used to stab someone?!

At lunch yesterday I told quanta that I have no intention of flying any time soon. I don’t want to be treated like a terrorist, nor do I want to have to check my bag if I am taking a short flight. (How long until carry-on bags aren’t allowed at all, I wonder…) Only a few hours later, my boss hinted that I will taking a flight up north within the next couple of weeks. I wonder how I will stand by my principles, make my boss happy, and still be able to get on the airplane.

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2 Responses to Staying Grounded for Now

  1. Tigerlily :) says:

    I share your feelings on flying. I used to love to fly when I was younger, and have travelled extensively throughout the world. I remember a day when we’d have meals and look out the windows without worry. Recently I took a flight thought and recall just how much hassle I had to go through just to get on it, only to sit there for 2 hours on the ground while we waited out a storm (I still believe they were trying to save on fuel costs by not re-routing us). It would’ve been fine normally. I can deal with grumpy passengers and less than pleasant stewards/stewardesses, but I had my son on my lap who is less than a year old and my 5 year old in the seat next to me. I doubt I’ll go fly anytime soon after that experience. I’ll road trip, or take the train… anything but fly. Why pay $1K a seat to be treated like this?

    Your site is beautiful. Glad to have visited.

  2. Sojourner says:

    I understand how you feel.

    After 9/11 when they started “randomly” checking bags before boarding the planes (which had already been checked twice before), I was always pulled aside to get my bags checked again. Why? Because I had dreadlocks down to my hips. So much for the airlines checking “randomly” and not stereotyping.

    After the third time of this happening, I decided that was enough and now I either drive or take a train.