New Arrival!

The newest addition to the Pond as finally arrived. Baby C was born on January 24, 2008 at 10:05 pm after 24 hours of labour. Mommy and baby are doing very well.


As you can see, within a few minutes of being home, Isis had already decided that Baby C was cool.

Life has obviously changed a lot since he has arrived. Sleeping more then an hour at a time is a thing of the past, for example. Also gone are luxuries like a quick trip to the store, or a long bath. Soon enough he will grow up though, and I will look back on these days fondly… maybe.

In more mundane news, the blog has been upgraded to MT v. 4.1, in an attempt by quanta to keep his sanity while all this baby stuff has been going on. Leave a note in the comments if you notice something not working correctly.

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