Reflections on Pregnancy

In just a few more days, a new baby will join quanta and I here at the Pond. So far I am feeling fine, but I am also well aware that things are moving along. Mostly though, I’m tired. I’m beginning to suspect that I’m not going to get that mythical burst of energy before I go into labour. Not that I particularly need it, since the house is clean and everything is ready for the baby. Although, there are all those baby announcements that should at least get addressed soon…

Seriously though, this is an exciting and scary time. I can’t wait to hold my baby, but I’m also concerned about his healthy and happiness, and wonder if we will be able to provide him with a good life. These are things all new parents worry about, I’m sure. Life, I know, will proceed the way it will proceed. The baby will either be colicky or not, he will either happily breastfeed or not. Although he is a helpless being (at least for a little while) he is also his own person. All quanta and I can do is provide love and support.

In some respects I am looking forward to the end of my pregnancy. Spending the last nine months carry around a baby has been surprisingly easy (except for two and a half months of Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy [a more severe form of morning sickness]). I’ve enjoyed the closeness that I feel has developed between the baby and me. But, I’m also looking forward to getting my body back, and to eventually eating and drinking what I like again. (I miss sushi!) I hope that I will also eventually find time to return to my spiritual pursuits and reconnect with the Tarot, both things that just haven’t seemed to work during my pregnancy. Oh yes, and it will be heaven to be able to sleep on my back again!

Things will likely be quiet around here for a little while. The baby is due on the 15th, but could show up any time. With some luck, it will be after I’ve managed to get in one more full night of sleep.

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