Earth Hour 2008

Keeping with yesterday’s green theme, I thought that today I would write a little bit about Earth Hour. On March 29th at 8pm local time, everyone around the world has been asked to turn off their lights and other unnecessary electronics for an hour. (Yes, that includes the computer, TV, and video game console.)

quanta and I have decided to take part. And believe me, turning off a computer around here when we are still awake is a major feat. It has also been really nice to see posters around our condo building promoting the event. I hope all of our neighbours will also decide to take part.

If you are interested in learning more about Earth Hour, go to Hopefully you will decide to take part in this simple, yet very powerful event.

And, while you are thinking green, why not calculate your carbon footprint here. Mine rates at about 6.44, below the Canadian average. Where do you rate?

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