Worn Down

I seem to be hitting one of those walls that I come to every couple of months.  Nothing is really wrong; the Baby Man is awesome, confidently learning to walk all on his own it seems; the husband is doing well, helping out as best he can.  It is me and the cat that aren’t doing very well.  She is getting very old, and I suspect she hasn’t much time left.  She spends most of the day asleep now, and cries for attention nearly all night.  This keeps me awake, and adds to the sleep deprivation I am trying so hard to recover from.  Really, it figures that as Baby Man happily sleeps for 13 hours a night, I’m kept awake by the cat.

So, with all of this, the NaNoWriMo isn’t happening.  I’ve got 215 words, which isn’t that bad I guess.  It is 215 more words than I have written this year.  Knitting isn’t going well either.  I’m just too damn tired to fiddle with bloody cables.  Thank the gods that my holiday shopping is nearly done.  One more shopping trip, and I can avoid all stores until the new year, when it is time to birthday shop for Baby Man.

What I most need right now is a good night of sleep (preferably 12 hours), and a whole day to watch Jane Austen movies and work on cross stitch.  I think the likelihood of any of that is nil.

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