Goodbye 2008

2008 has been a long, strange, amazing year.  I began the year very pregnant, feeling like I was waiting–for my life to start, for the baby’s life to start, for something big to change.  The world sure did change.  Having the Baby Man has been amazing.  It has been a year of firsts for him: rolling over, grabbing toys, eating solid food, sitting, standing, waving, clapping, and even his first lurching steps on Christmas Day.

For me it has been a year of being a caretaker of Baby Man, quanta, and even myself once in a while.  I watch, I clean, I cheer everyone one, and occasionally I do something pretty cool myself.  I’ve learned to knit, and I’ve also lost a good deal of weight.  And I’ve cross stitched up a storm.  I don’t missing the working world very much, but I have kept my hand in a little.  I still do some data analysis work, and a few other things to keep busy.  But right now I’m happy that being Baby Man’s mom is my number one job.

I don’t know what 2009 will bring.  I hope it is a year of continued health and happiness for everyone.  I hope we see the economy improve, and everyone secure in their jobs.

Tomorrow I intend to post my 2009 goals.  I think I have some realistic ones… and a few that may be a little unrealistic.  I’ve never had a one year old child, so I have no idea what I will be able to accomplish.  I think if I come out of 2009 as happy as I am leaving 2008 (sans cold), then it will be a great year.  Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if the Maple Leafs won the Stanely Cup… 🙂

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