Goals for 2009

So, I’ve spent some time thinking about what would be reasonable goals for me to set for 2009.  I wanted goals that I could achieve, but that weren’t easy.  They had to push me to work hard, but not be things that would make me give up.

  • Be the best mom and wife I can possible be to Baby Man and quanta
  • Try to be nice to my parents too 😛
  • Do a Tarot card draw every day, even if I can’t spend time thinking about what it might mean
  • Reach my goal weight before our 4th wedding anniversary
  • Learn to knit socks (starting a class on January 20th)
  • Don’t fall too far behind with work, but also don’t take on too much
  • finish getting all of The Lotus Pond material moved over, and start posting some new stuff
  • No more celebrity gossip sites or shows (this one will probably be the most difficult)

And then there is cross stitch and knitting.  I tried working on a large design for a few days at the start of the year, but because I had to put it down so often, it didn’t work out too well.  I think I will be limited to small designs again this year.  I don’t think I will be quite as prolific as last year.  You can see the approximately 75 designs I finished last year here: Silverlotus’ 2008 Cross Stitch Gallery. I’m not likely to be that productive again any time soon.  And, really, they were nearly all small designs.  So, my goals for next year, craft-wise:

  • finish one felt kit (either Christmas car, plane or train)
  • finish knitting Brooke’s Column of Leaves scarf and hat (and think about the gloves)
  • start and finish knitting Ice Queen (assuming I’m not also allergic to mohair)
  • knit Bernat’s baby kimono for Baby Man before he is too big for it
  • knit some gifts
  • XS Christmas house ornaments (one a month)
  • finishing XS’ing all my class projects from the fall CreativFestival before this fall’s festival (Overdyed Odyssey, Camelot Mini, Delightful Dragon, Tiny Torture Sampler, First Dragon Encounter, Dragon Lullaby, Celtic Thunder)
  • XS Stitcher’s Trove in the purples I picked out
  • make some progress XS Baby Man’s birth sampler
  • finish Halloween Fairy, which I started on Boxing Day
  • XS Take Time to Stitch, and think of a way to mount it on my sewing box
  • Start and finish these small designs: Black Hatter, Voodoo Girl, Scarab Monogram
  • Start and finish at least the box top for Christmas Treasures, if not the ornaments too
  • Make a start on stocking for everyone, and try to have Baby Man’s ready for Christmas 2009
  • finish gift for family member  (ooh! a secret!)
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