Time to Set Goals?

Goal setting has been on my mind a lot lately.  The last year or two have been pretty free form thanks to the endless demands that Baby Man puts on my time.  I do what I can, when I can, and I am very happy when anything gets done.  But quanta made a comment to me the other day that has made me think a quite a bit about what I want to accomplish.  He said that I have all of these wonderful ideas of what I would like to accomplish, but no plan to get there.

Setting goals and making plans with regards to Baby Man is difficult.  He doesn’t really understand the idea of a time table.  I’m content to let him play and grow, making sure he is safe and progressing well.  When he gets a little older we will look into things like swimming lessons, music lessons and Chinese school.

Work is work right now, and I don’t really have an ambitions or goals with regards to what I currently do.  Sounds awful, doesn’t it?  Maybe when I’m not so concerned about Baby Man this will change.

Hobbies are difficult to set goals for, at least for me.  I like picking up what I want when I want, but that isn’t getting me the results I want.  I think I need to look over those lists of projects and make a timeline of what I want done by when.  I need to stop having my head turned by every new design that comes along.  (I’m talking to you Lily of the Valley.)

In order to help this new resolve, this attempt at setting goals, I did a Tarot reading this morning.  (Did I mention that I want to work my Tarot studies back into my life?  And writing to? Where, oh where will I find the time?)  I did a Past, Present, Future spread using the Maat Tarot and drew Death, Judgment and 5 of Swords.  I took this to mean that in the past I have ignored my old projects, and now I am paying them lip service but still starting new projects, and if I keep this up then I end up cheating myself.  So, I think it is time to do some serious goal setting.

With that in mind, I’ve been working on knitting Baby Man’s jacket this morning.  That, along with his Christmas stocking (which I haven’t started) are the two most important projects I have.  I’d like to knit him a bunny for Easter, so that may jump to the front of the queue since it has the quickest deadline.

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