A Winner! and Progress Update

Congratulations to Lindsay of Caring Stitcher, who is the lucky winner of my little draw.  I tried to get Baby Man to draw a name out of one of his little bowls, but instead he kept dumping all the names out.  So, instead, I waited until he gently put one name back in the bowl.

Baby Man Selecting a Name

I’ve sent you an email, Lindsay, so please get back to me when you can.

Thank you to everyone else who signed up.  I will probably have another draw in the fall, maybe for a pair of socks! (How’s that, Pauline?)

So, on to the stash shopping that I mentioned the other day.  As you may know, Golden Threads, my nsLNS in Hamilton, ON, is closing down and moving to a web-only shop. This weekend items were priced at 50% off (threads 25% off), so of course I had to call an exception on my stash stitcher declaration and go down and support the shop’s wonderful owner.  I did pretty good, scooping up some charts I’ve been thinking about getting, a piece of fabric, some DMC and Waterlilies and a pair of scissors (I always need scissors!).   And because it was all on sale, I spent a lot less than I expected.  A lot less!

Unfortunately, Golden Threads didn’t have the WDW colour I desperately  needed to finish up a gift, so I also stopped by Gitta’s in Port Credit, where Lizzie Kate’s Peace, Love and a Cure jumped into my hand.  (My dad was with me and he actually approved!)  So, this is my weekend haul, along with a knitting magazine and the latest JCS, which aren’t pictured.  (I’m sorry for the poor pictures in this post, but I was trying to take them when Baby Man was awake so I had to find a baby-free-zone to take them in which meant bad lighting.  The fabric in the picture is actually Silkweaver’s Days Gone By so you can see how bad the picture really is!)

Stash from Golden Threads Sale

As for my knitting and cross stitch progress, well, I’m still in dishcloth hell.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind making dishclothes.  I even use knitted dishclothes.  It is just that I am getting a little bored with them.  I may take a few days break and work on the horribly pooling anklets (which still look like nothing, which is why there is no picture).

My stitching has been all about gifts.  I’ve included some pictures below of portions of the designs.  If you are a family member who thinks I might be giving you a gift soon, don’t look!



That’s it for today!  I’ll have more to share soon.  I’ve been thinking about things like family and pride of country (yes, Canadians are patriotic, we just hide it better than some), and things like that.

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1 Responses to A Winner! and Progress Update

  1. Pauline says:

    Congratulations Lindsay on your win! A tarot reading sounds interesting! But, a pair of those gorgeous socks?! Man, I’ll be eagerly awaiting that competition. That will be some prize!

    Is that MBT’s ‘Two shall be as one’ that I spy in your pics? I stitched that last year for a wedding present to a couple who have everything. If I stitch it again, I will probably change the colours, what colours are you using?

    Love reading your blog, always something interesting!