A World of Youngster and Oldsters

Right now I would rather be napping.  But instead I’m waiting around to make a phone call to do some negotiating about work. (Update: Did not go well.  No new money for me thanks to cutbacks.)  It seems lately that I do a lot of waiting around for other people to fit me into their schedule.  But, I’m not going to vent too much about it, even though I’d like to…

Oh, and pardon the title.  I don’t like the word “oldsters” but I couldn’t think of anything better.

What I thought I would write about just a little bit today is what it is like for me to be a stay-at-home mom.  With such a little guy and no family really close by, I don’t spend a lot of time with adults.  For a little while it kind of drove me crazy, but because I am such an introvert, I’ve actually come to enjoy it.  I sort of like the fact that it is me and Baby Man most days. And I’m always very happy to have quanta, my dear husband, home in the evenings and weekends when he pitches in to do his share.  Not to mention how much I love it when my parents come to visit (and especially when they agree to watch Baby Man for the evening so quanta and I can escape enjoy an evening out).

One thing I’ve noticed about the weekday “non-working” world (and I use that term loosely as being a mom is a lot of work) is that it is a world of the very young and of the old.  Other than other moms, a lot of people we see around during the day are older, retired people.  There are few dads and few non-parents between the ages of, say, 25-50.  It’s almost like that group of people disappears for five days straight, only to be set free on the weekends.

I’m sure my perspective will change when Baby Man gets a little older and starts school.  Then it will be a world of kids, parents and teachers.  Maybe then I will think about going back to the office (hahaha!).

On a different topic, here’s a picture of Mesh Market Tote from the Spring/Summer 2009 issue of Knit Simple.  While it is a simple design, it is crochet and not knitting.  (I’m a woman of many talents!)  The yarn is Summer Linen from Universal Yarns in colourway 5211 Sky Blue.  It is a lovely linen and cotton blend that I thought I would try with an eye to maybe making a tank top out of it at some time.  And while it is nice for the bag, I don’t know that I would make a top out of it because it would probably be a bit rough for my extremely sensitive skin.  (Gosh, I wish I could knit with wool or alpaca! Whaa!)  And, yeah, I know it just looks like a big wavy doily right now.  But it will be a lovely fold-up bag soon!


Expect some more cross stitch pictures in a couple of days.  Tomorrow I’m going down to Golden Threads to say good-bye to the shop and, you know, pick up a few things from the sale.  Yes, I’m supposed to be a stash stitcher but a store closing sale is a special exemption!  And since the work negotiations didn’t go well, this will be my last splurge for a while.

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1 Responses to A World of Youngster and Oldsters

  1. Tracy J says:

    It is true that most women are working now-a-days. It is good in a way, because now women do not have to be controlled by men if they go to work and can support themselves. That is not to say, that there aren’t a lot of very happily married women with good husbands and do want to work and others who do not choose to work. I am one with a very good husband who is glad to be the provider and I am a SAHM. However, I use that term loosely as I have 2 kids who no longer live at home and 2 that are almost completely independent though they still live at home. I enjoy this lifestyle, and I am in my 40’s. It is a leisure lifestyle and I just love it, love it, love it!

    It is not popular though because we live in a culture that values not only a work ethic but all of the stuff that one can buy. Fortunately for me, my hubby makes enough money that we can spend a little bit (though money has been tight lately due to some financial events). I am one who does not value commercialism or capitalism and don’t feel the need to have every luxury. There are so many things that I feel is wasteful spending and doesn’t really bring that much added joy to life that most folks feel are a must.

    Oh, I also am an intovert and enjoy spending much of my time at home alone.

    Enjoy your life if this is what works for you and don’t let the media or anyone else tell you that it isn’t acceptable.