June Goals Reviewed

Another month over in what seems like the blink of an eye.  And, unfortunately, we have had a bit of a poor turn in our fortunes this month.  I think, though, that it will ultimately turn out to be for the best.

My June goals were:

  1. Finish gift mentioned above
  2. Finish other gift that involves knitting
  3. Work on third secret gift, again, knitting related, but not expecting to finish it
  4. Finish two more cross stitch related secret gift
  5. Lose 3lbs
  6. Organize free cross stitch charts
  7. Write at least one article of main website
  8. Finish a pair of socks

I didn’t go quite as well as I had hope.  I finished all the gifts, cross stitch and knitting, except one.  But, as I say in #3, I wasn’t expecting to finish it anyway.  I did make some good progress, and I wish I could share pictures.  I also wrote one article for my main website, although I would have liked to write more.

I didn’t lose 3lbs.  I think I gained about 1.5lbs.  But, I have started working out regularly, so I am trying to convince myself it is muscle I gained.  (I bought some dresses the other day in a size I haven’t worn since the start of university, and I look damn good in them.  So, I’m not really all the upset.)  I also didn’t finish a pair of socks.  This is mostly due to the setback caused by those socks that pooled so horribly. I  lost my sock mojo for a little while.  I do have one of a pair nearly done, and I will cast them off tonight.  And, no, I didn’t organize my free charts.  That’s two months in a row!

Now, July goals:

  1. Finish the remaining secret gift
  2. Make significant progress on Baby Man’s Christmas socking
  3. Make significant progress on Baby Man’s birth sampler, Victoria Sampler’s Heirloom Birth Sampler (yes, I still haven’t stitched one)
  4. No more stash of any sort (with the exception of the two cross stitch charts I have on order and am still waiting for; no rush for those)
  5. Finish the pink socks
  6. Finish a Baby Surprise Jacket for a gift
  7. Lose 3lbs (for real this month)
  8. Complete part 3 of Castles in the Air

My goodness, that is a whole lot of things to do!  We shall see how successful I am.  To help remind me of my goals this month, I’ve written them out and placed them beside my computer.  Hopefully that will help me stay focused!

Will anyone else be sharing their goals on their blog?

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1 Responses to June Goals Reviewed

  1. Pauline says:

    Hmm, put some goals in writing? I might feel obligated to achieve them! I’m a kinda ‘in my head’, gal. But, you know, I might just try it for this month, you’ve inspired me. Just like you’ve inspired me to think about knitting some socks- I’m still thinking, well, dreaming anyway, about that.

    Happy achieving, this month!