Green Blob

The green blob Baby Surprise Jacket is done!  Take a look:

Baby Surprise Jacket - unfolded

And with a bit of a folding it turns into this:

Baby Surprise Jacket - folded

Crazy and amazing, isn’t it?  Even if you don’t care for knitting, you have to appreciate the genius of the design.

For those who know this pattern, I did make a couple of changes.  I added two rows of eyelets (yo, k2tog) and made bobble buttons.  I knit it using Mary Maxim’s Baby’s Best yarn in colour Mint, and it took me just under 2 skeins.  My gauge is 6 stitches per inch, and this looks like it will fit a baby up to about 6 months, assuming they aren’t too pudgy!  I just need to seam up the sleeves, which I will do after I ask a couple questions at my knitting finishing class tomorrow evening.

It was a quick and easy knit, just knitting every row with decreases and increases where necessary.  I used the new line by line pattern that Schoolhouse Press released a little while back, rather than Elizabeth Zimmermann’s original “pithy” directions.  I’m still too much of a novice to try to decipher what she is trying to say.

I haven’t been cross stitching much.  Well, that isn’t true.  Yesterday afternoon I spent a couple of hours out on the balcony stitching on Baby Man’s stocking.  I was making good progress until I was chased inside by a couple of bees.  I’m terrified of them.  So much so that I will abandon my stitching to get away.  I wonder, does anyone know a pretty and free bee cross stitch pattern?  Maybe if I stitch one I won’t be so afraid.  But don’t get me started on wasps! 😛  I think I will never get over my fear of them.

You stitchers out there might be interested in this: Volarium is having a contest for Cross Stitch Letters Bible by Valerie Lejeune. It is a 712 page book with patterns for over 800 alphabets!  Isn’t that fabulous?  I’ve been looking for a great alphabet book for ages, something that isn’t all children’s theme stuff, and it looks like this book is it!  If you are interested, head over to their blog for more information–Volarium: Contest and summer vacation

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1 Responses to Green Blob

  1. Pauline says:

    What a pretty jacket you’ve made! I know what you mean about some patterns being hard work trying to decipher how to knit the way it is intended. Some patterns are easier to read than others.

    I enjoyed your post about raising the profile of cross stitching. The cost of stitching, compared to quilting, astounds me. And so many quilt fabric manufacturers have lots of free, quality patterns available, not just simple, small freebies. (I really do appreciate all those c/s freebies I do have tho). And the price of quilt patterns seems to be lower that c/s charts. Maybe if more people stitched, more charts would be bought and prices would go down…

    As always, you have interesting posts to catch up on reading!