It’s In You to Give

A short post today, since I’m off to give blood.  It is fairly quick to do and doesn’t hurt much at all.  Why not take some time and donate blood?  You’ve got plenty, trust me. And, hey, the waiting time is great for stitching or knitting!

Canadians, you can find out more here: Canadian Blood Services.  Americans, you can find out more here: American Red Cross.  Everyone else, check with your doctor/telephone book/Red Cross/whomever.

One more thing to share: today is my cousin’s wedding.  (Yes, the one I wasn’t invited to.)  Here is what I stitched for her gift:

The Wedding, My Big Toe, June 2009

It’s The Wedding by My Big Toe, stitched on 28ct white Lugana using WDW Twilight and GAST Liberty.  I hope she likes it.  (The dark spot is a shadow from the camera.  Oops!)

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