November 2009 Goals

November already.  October was over in a blink of the eye, what with all the birthday, events, and goings on.  November is a little quieter. There are three birthdays this month, and a couple of events. It is a month spent racing the clock to get Christmas stitching done.  It’s also when I start to review the year, decluter, and get ready for the holidays.

Before I set my November goals, I should review my October goals:

  1. Finish all stitching except backstitching for Baby Man’s stocking
  2. Stitch and finish the La-D-Da design for the JCS Halloween issue (my SALsuffit project)
  3. Finish a Christmas gift
  4. Knit Baby Man a pumpkin hat
  5. Find a copy of the JCS ornament issue
  6. Stitch Voodoo Girl, and hopefully get her finished too so Voodoo Boy can have a girlfriend for Halloween
  7. Cast on another pair of socks so I have an on-the-go project again

I’m happy to report that I did fairly well in October.  In my post yesterday I shared my finished Halloween ornament/pillow from La-D-Da and Baby Man’s pumpkin hat.  I did find a copy of the JCS ornament issue, and I will be stitching some this month.  I finished one sock of a pair, but still need to cast on the second.  The Christmas gift I wanted to finish is getting there, but I got sidetracked by making Baby Man a scarf.  Voodoo Girl just didn’t happen, I ran out of month!

That leaves Baby Man’s stocking.  And here it is, with only the back stitching left to do:

Naughty or Nice by Dimensions

Naughty or Nice by Dimensions

I put the last few stitches in yesterday afternoon.  I’m going to let it rest for a few days before I tackle the back stitching because I am a little tired of it.  I spent the rest of the 31st working on my Sampler de Noel and a new shawl.

So, on to November goals:

  1. Stitch and finish at least three Christmas ornaments
  2. Finish the back stitching on Baby Man’s stocking
  3. Finish that Christmas gift
  4. Finish a second Christmas gift that is also ready started
  5. Finish the Pink Ribbon Socks
  6. Cross off at least one more design from my 2009 Goals list

I’d love to add getting caught up on Castles in the Air but I know that won’t happen.  Christmas stitching and knitting are the main goals for this month.

Don’t forget, you have until noon tomorrow to add your name to the list of people interested in my Pay It Forward.  Check out this post for more information.  I’ve already picked out some goodies to send.  And remember, you have an entire year to send out your packages, so don’t let the time of year hold you back.

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