SAL for TW and More

As I’m sure we all probably know, the Legends and Sewing the Seeds designs were a collaboration between Teresa Wentzler, Jennifer Aikman-Smith (Dragon Dreams) and Karen Weaver (Black Swan). With Teresa’s announcement of her retirement from needlework designing, all three of these talented and well loved designers are no longer actively designing. (Yes, Jennifer still designs occasionally, but she announced her retirement plans last year.) I thought that it might be nice to honour these ladies by having a stitch along of one of their joint designs.

The choices are Legend of the Spellcasters, Legend of the the Dragons or Sewing the Seeds of Friendship, Hope and Love. Of these three designs, only Sewing the Seeds is still avaliable from Hoffman (as Sewing Seeds Sampler, item #05-2126), which might make it the best choice. However, I’d love to know what everyone thinks.

I’m aiming to start the SAL on January 1st, and to run it all year.  If you’d like to join in, please head over to the TW board here, or leave a comment on my blog below. I’d like to run things through the TW board since it is free, allows everyone to post pictures, and provides a way to have discussions.  But I’m also happy to welcome anyone who wants to just post progress through their blog.

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1 Responses to SAL for TW and More

  1. Zeb says:

    Sign me up baby! 😀

    Of course I need to get the designs first XD
    Hopefully will have them in time.