TUSAL – December 2009

Surprise! I’m a day late again. Would you believe that I used to be a very organized person? No, I wouldn’t either.

Anyway, it is time for the December sharing of my TUSAL jar. This is the last time for this year, and my jar is stuffed full. I’ve had a pretty busy year, finishing over 35 cross stitch projects (none large, but several medium size). I also crocheted a little bit, and knit up a storm, including one jacket and nine pairs of socks. Not bad for someone who spends their days chasing around a toddler, eh?

Here is what my jar looks like today. There is lots of yarn from the Christmas gifts I’ve been finishing up, and thread from the ornaments I’ve been stitching.

tusal-december 2009

tusal-december 2009 - 2

I’ll be taking part in the 2010 TUSAL, starting my jar fresh on January 1st. If you’d like to join in, head over to Yoyo’s blog, Dragon My Needle, and sign up on this post.  I don’t  know if Yoyo will be offering prizes for the 2010 TUSAL, but she did for the 2009 one, and guess who won.  Yes, me! I won one of the five prizes she drew for, and I am very excited.  I will of course share it with you all when it arrives.

Now, on to other things.  I haven’t been stitching this week because I hurt my stitching finger again.  (I have a problem with calluses coming off.  It is yuck and TMI.)  So, I’ve been working on crocheting a gift for Baby Man, which doesn’t look like anything yet, and on knitting a pair of socks for me.  They are Pyroclastic from the Winter 2009 Knitty.  I’m already working on the foot of the first sock.  I’m moving along so quickly because I like short socks.  Instead of the six repeats of the leg pattern called for, I only did three.  So many socks have such long legs, so I’m starting to feel like I’m the only one who likes shorter socks.

I’m knitting the sock using Panda Cotton in colourway Minty Greens.  I used this yarn back in April to knit my Show-Off Stranded Socks.  It is a pain to knit with since it isn’t plied very tightly, but it makes a lovely fabric and wears very well.  Here’s what it looked like before lunch this today.



And last night I put together my first gingerbread house. It looks  a little… amateurish, I guess I would say, but I like it anyway.  On second thought, if I want a gingerbread house, maybe I should look again at the one offered by Victoria Sampler.

My 1st Gingerbread House

My 1st Gingerbread House

And if anyone out there happens to be looking for a gift for their favourite stitcher (me!), I am in love with Mirabilia’s new piece Sabrina.  And, conveniently, Stitching Bits and Bobs has it and the embellishment pack on sale!  And if you aren’t looking to send me a gift, you can at least agree with me that it is a lovely piece.

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1 Responses to TUSAL – December 2009

  1. Blu says:

    Does that sock have 4 needles? That’s… Well. I can’t knit, only crochet so anything more than 1 needle is mind boggling!

    I remember decorating my 1st gingerbread house last year. It was lots of fun and very very messy because I did it a friend’s 3 year old son. Of course it was never fully eaten. I’m not a big icing fan and he didn’t want it, and everyone else in the family has dietary restrictions. By the end of it’s life it was melting and running and utterly disgusting.