Groundhogs Instead of Sleep

In the past two years or so I’ve been surprised by the deep reserves of energy I have found.  In the first weeks of Baby Man’s life I think I had no more than three or four hours of sleep a day, and yet I was able to function, keep the house tidy, cook, and occasionally pick up my needle and thread.  These last few weeks though, when Baby Man has decided to stop sleeping through the night, I have discovered that the energy reserves are no longer as deep.  The lack of sleep is begining to wear on me, and I’ve even come down with a sore throat.  But as all you mothers know, there is no rest for Mommy no matter how badly she needs it.

I’ve been a bit like the walking dead for the last little while, and have chosen to read or do less taxing crafts instead of my beloved cross stitch.  I did actually put needle to cloth the other day to start La-D-Da’s Roses are Red, but I think my fabric choice is totally wrong.  One of the thread colours blends into the background too much.  I don’t have the heart to pick it out right now, so it will rest for a while, until I get some rest of my own. The fabric is a very dark Days Gone By from Silkweaver, and doesn’t look anything like the other piece I have.

Roses are Red by La-D-Da

I did manage to finish up the crocheted groundhog the other day, while Baby Man was napping.  (One of the funny things about being so very tired is that sometimes you are so tired you just can’t sleep.  So, I craft.)  I think he is super cute.  And, according to Baby Man, groundhogs says “grrrrrr!” Now you know.

Groundhog by Planet June

I have also started to work on the heel flap of my Francie socks.  I think they are coming along quite nicely, and I might have the first sock done by the end of the weekend, assuming I don’t lapse into a coma. (Oh, how I wish!)

Francie Sock

Today we took one of the sides off of Baby Man’s crib in hopes that that will help with the crying-in-the-middle-of-the-night-because-he-wants-out-of-bed problem.  Of course, he may just end up crying at his door.  (He has mastered doorknobs, but the door to his bedroom sticks, so he can’t get it open.) With luck, all of us will sleep through the night tonight and I will feel up to picking up my needle again.

Oh, a few things I thought I would mention:

  • The Stitcher’s Village is offering a Krazy Kitties for Haiti chart to raise money for charities helping out over there.  The chart is $5.50, and all money after PayPal fees is going to charity.  The chart is of a cat nurse and doctor in the style of Janie Hubble from The Cat’s Whiskers Design Studio.
  • Ravelry has set up a way to help designers who want to donate some of the proceeds of the sale of their patterns to Haiti relief.  Log into your Rav account, click on patterns, and then click on the Help for Haiti link.  I bought a couple of patterns, including Francie, that I have been eyeing for a while.
  • If you donate to Doctor’s Without Borders and are a knitter, send a note to the Yarn Harlot to let her know.  The Knitters Without Borders total is now over $1mil.
  • And, while not related to Haiti at all, I thought I would point out the cute new series Lizzie*Kate has released: Green Flip-Its.  I am so in love with them, but I can’t justify another new project right now. 🙁  You can see them here on the Stitching Bits and Bobs site.
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3 Responses to Groundhogs Instead of Sleep

  1. Annette says:

    Roses are Red looks so soft and delicate. I luv groundhog he is so cute. You have done quite a bit on your sock and that colour is beautiful. Hope you get some sleep soon.
    .-= Annette´s last blog ..Dear Diary =-.

  2. Giovanna says:

    I’m in love with your groundhog – soooo cute! And I agree on the Green Flip-Its, going to have to get those. Your La-D-Da and knitting are lovely too – I don’t think the thread blends in too much in the picture, but it could be the slant of the light that makes it stand out.
    .-= Giovanna´s last blog ..Slow building =-.

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