Is It Over Yet?

So far 2010 has sucked.  I’m ready to give up and call it a year already.  Things started to go bad on New Year’s Eve and have gotten progressively worse.  I was going to write a post about all of it, but I’ve thought better of it.  I’m determined to be positive, even though I know the worst is yet to come: tomorrow we will say good-bye to our cat Isis.

I don’t want to dwell, so I will move on to other things.

On January 1st I started working on Sewing the Seeds, one of the designs that is a collaboration between Teresa Wentzler, Jennifer Aikman-Smith (Dragon Dreams) and Karen Weaver (Black Swan).  I’ve mentioned a few times that I am facilitating a SAL over on the TW board for these designs.  Anyway, I’ve started with the TW panel and am not making very good progress.  I’ve had to pick out a lot of mistakes and I’m missing one colour of DMC and I backstitched Love with the wrong colour.  I’m going to leave it like that since I can’t stand the thought of picking it out, and I think it looks okay as is.

Sewing the Seeds - Love Panel

I’ve also been knitting a baby hat for one of my dad’s co-workers.  I’m using Bernat’s Cottontot in colourway Wonder Dreams. (The background is the new white slipcover on our sofa. Yes, we are crazy. Thank you for noticing.)

Baby Hat

And last night I started a pair of socks for my husband using Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca.  I have to wear a face mask when knitting so I don’t have a reaction, but otherwise the knitting is going well.  Actually, I only have 3/4″ of one cuff done, so they are going slowly especially since they were Christmas gifts.  The pattern is Masonic Lodge by Emma Haigh. (Note that there is a newer version of the pattern on Ravelry.)

Masonic Lodge Socks - cuff

And that is all the progress I’ve made this year.  I actually feel like I am going backwards.  I’m sure things will get better soon though. Right?

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