January Goal Review and SALSuffit

January, we hardly knew ye.  You started out cold and a little mean (a handful of baby sick, thanks), you warmed up a little in the middle and got better.  Now, at the end, the weather is cold and windy.  Snow is beginning to fall again, and we are reminded that it is a good time to be indoors working on accomplishing our goals.

Non-crafting-wise, I didn’t do so well this month.  I had one great week back on my eating plan, and then when things got bad with Baby Man not sleeping, everything went downhill.  I also did well for a few days working on writing exercises, but that was also put aside when things got rough.  I think that I have learned something important this month: while it is important to be true to myself and not just become “Baby Man’s Mom”, I also need to realize that until he is older, he is my major priority even if it seems like he is growing up.  I’ve also learned that writing takes a lot more energy and mental power than cross stitch or knitting.

So, that brings me to my January goals.  They were:

  • crochet Planet June’s Sea Turtle for Baby Man’s birthday
  • make significant progress on socks for my husband
  • make significant progress on the wedding gift
  • clean out Baby Man’s closet and toy box
  • Establish a weekly writing practice

Let’s see… I did finish the sea turtle and I cleaned out Baby Man’s toy box and closet.  I didn’t get to the cedar chest in his closet, but that is a whole different project.  I tried writing, and I will get back to it.  As for the socks and the wedding gift… well, no.  I haven’t been knitting on the socks because they are being made with wool yarn, which causes me to feel ill and since I haven’t been feeling well I thought it was a good idea to leave them be.  As for the wedding gift, I just forgot about it. 🙂

I did accomplish a lot though, considering the small amounts of sleep I have been working with.  There was the Sea Turtle, and the Groundhog, the Pyroclastic Socks, and the crocheted Swiffer cover (which is fabulous!).  I made some really good progress on Kitchen Blessing and Sewing Seeds and on my Francie Socks.  And I kept up with the Kris Knits KAL, even though it seems Kris herself has fallen behind.

And, I did get around to my SALSuffit for this month.  I spent the afternoon framing two pieces that have been waiting for my attention for months.

Black Hatter by Sue Hillis Designs

Halloween Fairy by Mirabilia

As for my February goals, I need to think about them a little bit.  The Wagon is holding the Stitching Olympics again, and I plan to work on Egypt Garden for them.  And of course I will continue on with Sewing Seeds.  I’ll post what I decide tomorrow.

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3 Responses to January Goal Review and SALSuffit

  1. Annette says:

    You did pretty good with January. I it always hard with a little one and life sometimes gets taken up with their needs. I agree it is important to also have some ME time. Looking forward to seeing your FEb goals.
    .-= Annette´s last blog ..My My Beautiful Sunday…… =-.

  2. Erica says:

    Your January looks like it was full of accomplishments, despite Baby Man not quite being himself!

    It is very important to remember how to be someone other than ‘Baby Man’s Mom’, but when they’re little like Baby Man, you have to resign yourself to not being just you for a few more years. It’s easier once they’re in school and start building a life and friends that are outside of your daily view of them. You’ll get there – sooner than you think!

    I love the framing you did. Gorgeous! Did you use Laura’s instructions from her framing class?
    .-= Erica´s last blog .. =-.

  3. Missy Ann says:

    I love your framing! Especially ToTF. That silver is wonderful. 😀