January Goal Review and SALSuffit

January, we hardly knew ye.  You started out cold and a little mean (a handful of baby sick, thanks), you warmed up a little in the middle and got better.  Now, at the end, the weather is cold and windy.  Snow is beginning to fall again, and we are reminded that it is a good time to be indoors working on accomplishing our goals.

Non-crafting-wise, I didn’t do so well this month.  I had one great week back on my eating plan, and then when things got bad with Baby Man not sleeping, everything went downhill.  I also did well for a few days working on writing exercises, but that was also put aside when things got rough.  I think that I have learned something important this month: while it is important to be true to myself and not just become “Baby Man’s Mom”, I also need to realize that until he is older, he is my major priority even if it seems like he is growing up.  I’ve also learned that writing takes a lot more energy and mental power than cross stitch or knitting.

So, that brings me to my January goals.  They were:

  • crochet Planet June’s Sea Turtle for Baby Man’s birthday
  • make significant progress on socks for my husband
  • make significant progress on the wedding gift
  • clean out Baby Man’s closet and toy box
  • Establish a weekly writing practice

Let’s see… I did finish the sea turtle and I cleaned out Baby Man’s toy box and closet.  I didn’t get to the cedar chest in his closet, but that is a whole different project.  I tried writing, and I will get back to it.  As for the socks and the wedding gift… well, no.  I haven’t been knitting on the socks because they are being made with wool yarn, which causes me to feel ill and since I haven’t been feeling well I thought it was a good idea to leave them be.  As for the wedding gift, I just forgot about it. 🙂

I did accomplish a lot though, considering the small amounts of sleep I have been working with.  There was the Sea Turtle, and the Groundhog, the Pyroclastic Socks, and the crocheted Swiffer cover (which is fabulous!).  I made some really good progress on Kitchen Blessing and Sewing Seeds and on my Francie Socks.  And I kept up with the Kris Knits KAL, even though it seems Kris herself has fallen behind.

And, I did get around to my SALSuffit for this month.  I spent the afternoon framing two pieces that have been waiting for my attention for months.

Black Hatter by Sue Hillis Designs

Halloween Fairy by Mirabilia

As for my February goals, I need to think about them a little bit.  The Wagon is holding the Stitching Olympics again, and I plan to work on Egypt Garden for them.  And of course I will continue on with Sewing Seeds.  I’ll post what I decide tomorrow.

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