A Little Cat and TUSAL

Things are getting back to normal around here. Baby Man has slept through the night three nights in a row. I’m not yet ready to admit success, but it is a good start. And with full nights of sleep, all of us are starting to act a little more like ourselves. That is a very good thing.  It may be time to tackle potty training soon!

In other happy news, I received a gift in the mail from Pauline of A Stitching Frenzy. The kitty is My Favourite Kitten by primitivebettys.  The fabric is just perfect for a project I have planned, and I love the ribbon and note cards.  And really, I can never have enough DMC. 🙂  Especially in such  pretty colours.  Thank you so much, Pauline.  (Baby Man says the kitty says “meeeeooow!!”)

Pauline's Generous Gift to Me

And, as usual, I am a little late posting my TUSAL picture.  For those who don’t know, the TUSAL is “Totally Useless Stitch Along”, started by Yoyo or Dragon My Needle.  The point is just to collect our orts (thread ends) in a pretty jar and share them on the new moon every month.  Why? No reason at all, but also as a way to see all the  progress we’ve made and all the lovely colours we’ve worked with.  If you are interested in signing up, head over here for all the details.

This month I added a bunch of floss from Sewing Seeds and some yarn from Francie and the Kris Knits dishcloth, and even a wee bit of silk from Egyptian Garden.  I think I made good progress considering my sleep situation.

TUSAL Jar for February 2010

Inside the TUSAL Jar

Any guess whose hands those are in the bottom picture?  They aren’t mine.

I’ve got good news on the Hey Teach yarn front.  One of the people on Ravely with that colour for sale has returned my message, and has the same dye lot as me.  Hopefully we can get the final details worked out, and I should have the extra skein I need.  (Watch me not need it now! lol!)

And one piece of news to pass on: Martina of Chatelaine is offering 10% off her class designs for a week.  Head over here for more information.  This makes me want the lotus temple class even more.  Time to ask the husband sweetly. 🙂

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