I’m on a bit of a completionist kick right now. Not only have a managed to get my hands on very nearly ever TW design I’d like to have, but I’ve also managed to complete my DMC collection. Thanks to a full Mary Maxim frequent buyer card, the last few (75…) skeins were very nearly free.

The last of the DMC (and a toddler hand)

Baby Man was being very helpful and naming all the colours for me. I’m not sure he realized that there are so very many shades of green and orange and purple.

This weekend I worked on my exchange piece. There is still quite a bit left to do, but it is looking great. Next time, though, I think I will chose a piece with a little less back stitching. I may do some stitching on my Lizzie*Kate ABC Lessons later this week for a bit of a break. And then I will have a picture of my stitching that I can actually share.

I did take a break from crochet this weekend, and my hands are feeling much better.  I did  fair amount of knitting, and I’m confident that isn’t what is causing the problem since I am essentially pain-free today. In fact, I have about half of a sweater for Baby Man done. It is knit using Caron Simply Soft Baby in colourway Powder Blue. The pattern is Classic Raglan Pullover by Jane Richmond.

Classic Raglan Pullover - WIP

This is the first of four sweaters I’m planning to knit for Baby Man this year. He is still so small, so they go very quickly. I’m planning on trying at least one new technique, intarsia, on one of his sweaters. If I don’t like it or it doesn’t work out, at least it isn’t as big an investment in time and money as it would be for an adult sweater.

I am planning on finishing the Inga bag this week, even if it does make my hands hurt. I don’t want it to be a UFO when it is so very close to being done. There is only  one problem… I don’t know where I put it. Seriously, it has just disappeared. How does a bright orange/pink/red bag just disappear?

One last thing: Châtelaine has just announced another new pattern. It is a very pretty water lily. Although it is done from a photo and I don’t generally like those type of patterns, I am so very tempted by this one. Someone talk me out of it!

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