Lively Simply and Another Giveaway

I’m ploughing through my September To Do list! Over the weekend I managed to get all my fibres and beads into my cross stitch supplies database. (Fibres kitted up with projects aren’t recorded, but that is how I prefer it, since they aren’t free to use in another project.)  I’ve also started setting up my personal sock club: I’ve picked twelve patterns I really like and paired them with yarn. I’m letting the list sit for a little while to make sure I do really like the patterns. I’m also thinking of expanding it to fifteen patterns, which would take me from October 2010 to December 2011.

I’ve also finished my Live Simply punchneedle project. It still needs to be ironed, but here it is:

Live Simply punchneedle by Dimensions

So, that means I still have the two pairs of slippers, the ornament kitting up, the pair of socks (which are not going well), and two cross stitch projects. Wow, that is still a lot.

On to the giveaway! This time it is knitting: Anne Kuo Lukito of Crafty Diversions is giving away ten copies of her new designs, Cocoon, and two copies of one of her best sellers, Lillian. I’m a huge fan of both, and would be super excited to win either. If you’d like a chance to win, you need to hurry! Check out her blog post here for details.

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3 Responses to Lively Simply and Another Giveaway

  1. Pauline says:

    Are you sure that you actually sleep at night? You amaze me with your achievements!

    BTW, I love the biscornu you stitched! I still find them kinda tricky to make up and am continually checking and rechecking that both pieces of fabric are the same size.

  2. Blu says:

    Live Simply is very cute. Congrats~