End of Year Goal Review and a Look Forward

You might remember that at the start of November I set goals for the months of November and December:

  • Stitch and finish six ornaments
  • Knit six gifts

Half the time has passed, and I’m halfway there. I did change my mind about one gift I was knitting. I think it is too big to get done in time for Christmas. But, I’ve substituted another, small item and haven’t really gained any time in that respect. Also, being overconfident and greedy when it comes to books, I agree to knit a pair of lovely anklets for a lady on Ravelry. I’m about halfway through the second sock, and with some hard work, they will be in the mail next week.

I’ve also been thinking quite a bit about my stitching goals for next year. I do have my self-imposed sock club and ornament club (December’s ornament is underway and miles of buttonhole stitch are kicking my butt). But, that isn’t enough to keep me busy for the whole year. So, I’m leaning towards making 2011 the year of Victoria Sampler. Surprising, eh? Not who you’d think I would stitch for a whole year, but I do have a lot of their designs (all Thea Dueck’s).

My tentative plan is to work on finishing up Christmas Treasures so it is in the box and ready for display next Christmas (two years after I wanted it finished). I also want to work on H is for Homemaker, M is for Mother, S is for Stitcher, W is for Witch; all of which I will be doing on 30 count linen banding. And then there is Gingerbread House, the kit for which I managed to get at an amazing deal.

I also have Harbour Village Sampler, Heirloom Stitching Sampler, Heirloom Baby Sampler, Heirloom Nativity Sampler, Beautiful Finishing 1, O Canada Sampler, Cottage Garden Sampler and Spring Sampler. I have the thread kits for many, but not all. And fabric, well, I’ve got plenty of that too. And maybe I shouldn’t mention that I would love to get K is for Knitter and Santa’s Village Sampler. Yeah… and I wouldn’t even list VS as one of my top five favourite designers. Weird, eh?

So, a year of VS? Broken up, of course, with maybe a couple of TW smalls, some Enchanting Lair, and some class pieces from the Creativ Festival (which would be TW, Enchanting Lair and Dragon Dreams).  Am I crazy?

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2 Responses to End of Year Goal Review and a Look Forward

  1. Annette says:

    Yes, you’re crazy. But you aren’t alone and we all help one another look a little more not-so-crazy 🙂

    In my recent Stash Org adventures I found quite the stash of VS designs and thought “I need to stitch these” LOL

    Good luck finishing out the year with goal successes!

  2. Christine says:

    Not crazy as long as you are enjoying what you are stitching!

    You can always change your mind and switch to something else if you find you get tired of VS part way through the year.