Scarf Fail

Sometimes, things look better in the store than they do at home. One of my recent knitting finishes is a good example of that:

"Ruby" garter stitch scarf

This weird mass of black and purple is actually a very nice garter stitch scarf. Knit, knit, knit until there is no more yarn using big needles. And it is nice, but it isn’t my style. But, when I saw it on display in the Black Sheep and Ewe booth at the CreativFestival, I totally thought I could pull it off.  It helps that they had it stretched out so it was more like a wrap. (Check it out.) Mine stretches out, but not quite that far.

Sadly, this is a big fail. It is well knit and looks good, but it isn’t right for me. The husband refers to it as “the feather boa”, and if you know me, you know that isn’t my style at all. So, it will live unloved in a corner until I figure out what to do with it. Hopefully my third kit from Black Sheep and Ewe will turn out better.

There is one great thing about finishing this scarf: two more balls of yarn are out of my stash! If you look over on the right sidebar of my blog, you’ll see a little section named “2011 Yarn Stash-Down”. Take a look at the totals. I’ve gone from 271 balls of yarn at the start of the year to 255. Yay! The number will bump up again a little bit since I have two skeins of yarn on their way to me (one was a RAK), as well as two exchanges. But, when I do an exchange or a swap, I am following the one-in-one out rule. The number fluctuates because I remove the yarn from my total when I send it out, and add again when I receive something. Nonetheless, I’ve made excellent progress.

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