April 2011 Ornament of the Month – Picking Silks

Sometimes I feel so spoiled by my stash. I know it isn’t the biggest in the world, but I have grown it with love and attention to what I enjoy working with. Until recently, my stash was seriously lacking in silks, but the addition of some silks from Vicki Clayton (Thanks, Erica!), along with some of her discard packs and some Oops! packs from Dinky Dyes, has given me a rather nice collection of unlabelled silks to pick from.

A pile of silk threads

This is what I have been drawing on for some of my ornaments. It is freeing not to have colour names and numbers to worry about. I’m just picking what is speaking too me, with an eye to things that at least sort of go together. And, if I can’t find the right colour, than I dip into my “good” Dinky Dyes and other silks.

This month’s ornament is Britty Christmas Kitty from Britty Kitty (from the 2005 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue). It calls for Week’s Dye Works and, of course,  I only had one of the colours. So I dug out that mass of silk and poked through it, looking for a gold, a red, two greens and a gray or black. Here’s what I came up with:

Silks for Britty Christmas Kitty

All of them, except the Dinky Dye’s Black Coral, are from that pile of silk.

I love my stash, but I especially love my stash of unlabelled, uncomplicated silks. If I ever had the chance, I would pick a whole pile more!

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