A Little Pink Shawl

About two months ago I shared with you the beginning of my Annis shawl. Well, I actually finished it on May 19th, blocked it, and have now sent if off with my parents on their trip to Europe.

Annis by Susanna IC (unblocked)

The yarn is a laceweight cotton flake I received to for knitting a pair of socks (surprise!). I added clear siverlined beads to the lacey section instead of doing the nupps. And, overall, I’m actually very, very happy with it. I mean, I don’t like pink, but I do like this.

The pattern is available for free in the Spring+Summer 2010 issue of  Knitty.

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1 Responses to A Little Pink Shawl

  1. Sara says:

    So beautiful!! I just finished my first piece of lacework and was so pleased with the result. This looks lovely!