PlanetJune Dinos

I think a lot of you are aware of my love for all things PlanetJune. I’ve talked about her patterns and her fabulous stuffing tools on numerous occasions. Well, I was lucky enough to win a free pattern for leaving a review in her shop during the month of June. And, what could I pick but one of her new dinosaur patterns? (Okay, I actually bought all three, but only one was free.)

Here is her Dimetrodon, crocheted in Mary Maxim Starlette yarn in colour Dark Amethyst. It is a very dark purple, which was very difficult to photograph.

Dimetrodon from PlanetJune

I’d also like to mention that PlanetJune now as an affiliate program. If you click on one the links earlier in this post, or in the PlanetJune link in my side bar, and then purchase a pattern (or two, or more) I get a wee bit of money. June is a fabulous designer who writes great patterns, and I would say that (and have said it many times) even without the affiliate program. I’m always excited to see what she’s come up with. And, speaking of which, head over to her craft blog to check her tribute to the great rumpled detective, Lt. Columbo.


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  1. cucki says: is really very pretty..well done xx