Ornament of the Month – August 2011

So, the ornament of the month for August did not go as planned. As I mentioned in an early post, I made a mistake when I picked white fabric to stitch on. I really should have picked something with a tea-dyed effect. But, I decided to solider on and make a change or two, such as changing the white “flower box” at the bottom to a grey. Big, big mistake.

Deck the Windows by Julia Lucas

Uh, that isn’t a white flower box. It is snow… Darn. Clearly I should have got out the magazine and looked at the picture before I made changes. 🙁 And here I thought I was being super organized by making working copies of all the ornaments… Bah!!

Thankfully, I had a backup plan. I had bought (on clearance!) the tiny pack for the Victoria Sampler design Snow Baby Joey that is also in the 2008 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue.

Here he is before I cut the turkey work loops on his snowball:

Snow Baby Joey by Victoria Sampler (Designs by Cathy Jean) - snowball before

And here he is after the snowball has had a haircut:

Snow Baby Joey by Victoria Sampler (Designs by Cathy Jean)

He is stitched on 32 count Brittany (a new fabric for me), using silks, etc. from the tiny pack. I think he is pretty cute, although I do sort of wish he had a face. I don’t think I will try to add one though, as I’d rather not make a mess of it.

I will eventually get back to Deck the Windows. After all, I did stitch the companion design ages ago, and I also have the large wreath treasure. Right now, though, it needs to rest for a little while.

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2 Responses to Ornament of the Month – August 2011

  1. Annie says:

    Too funny! I’ve done the same sort of thing many times.

    Love that turkey work snow!

  2. cucki says:

    very sweet stitching xx