Baby Knits!

No, there is no new baby on the way over here. We are quite happy as a trio. However, a friend of the family and his wife are expecting their first, a little girl, in mid-November. Since I didn’t learn to knit until Baby Man was about nine months old, I missed out on the whole knit-for-baby thing. So, as you can imagine, I’m so pleased to have an excuse to knit some of those cute little designs I’ve been seeing.

So far I’ve only completed a couple of small things. First, a wee cabled hat knit from Rowan Calmer in colour Calmer:

Cabled Baby Hat

And, with the left over yarn, I knit a small pair of baby mitts:

Baby Mitts

I have enough of the yarn left to do another small project, possibly another hat. And let me tell you, this yarn is sooooo soft. I have six balls of another colour hidden away for a project for myself, and another two balls of yet another colour that I’m planning on knitting some fishnet trouser socks with. I can’t wait!

I’m also working on a large baby blanket using Bernat’s new Pipsqueak yarn. The yarn is very soft, and reminds me of Baby Man’s own treasured Blankie (or Glankie, depending on what he is calling on that particular day). And, bonus, it is machine washable! On the downside, it is shedding like crazy from all the cut ends while I am working with it. I dearly hope that once it has been washed that it will beheave a little better. Here is just one of the thirty-six squares I’ll be knitting for the blanket. So far it is about 1/3 complete, and I am aiming to have it done by the end of the month.

Baby Blanket square

The free pattern for the blanket is available here. I’m using Pretty Pink as my main colour (A), Sitting Pretty as colour B, and Whitey White as colour C. Baby Man is so in love with this blanket that he has asked me to make one for him when I’m done. Honestly, with all the ends I have to weave in for every square (8!), plus seaming all the squares together (6 per row) and then seaming the rows together (6 rows), I don’t think I will be making another one of these blankets. They do, however, have a lovely crochet blanket that Baby Man might like just as much.

I’ve still got (fingers crossed) two months of knitting time left before the baby arrives, and a lifetime of knitting for a girl after that. I’ve got a couple of cardigans planned, and then who knows what else. Baby Man’s blanket may be delayed for a little while.

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  1. cucki says:

    lovely cap..and beautiful square xx