Lucky Kitty

I love to see maneki neko in a store window or near the cash register. I think they are a lovely little bit of fun and, of course, good luck. We have one in our home, with its left arm raised and pointing towards the door, inviting money in.

When I came across a cute maneki neko crochet pattern, I knew I had to make it.

Maneki Neko

I used a combination of Bernat Satin and Mary Maxim Starlette yarn. The bell isn’t quite right, but it is all I had on hand. And, sadly, my embroidery skills aren’t great, but I still think this turned out pretty cute. The pattern, for those interested, is Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Amigurumi from Handmade Kitty on etsy.

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3 Responses to Lucky Kitty

  1. Annie says:

    Super cute! Very professional looking job.

  2. cucki says:

    aww so cute..i love her so much..great job xx

  3. Blu says:

    What an adorable finish!
    He looks like a terribly complicated piece.