Black Socks

Knitting black socks isn’t really all that fun. The stitches are difficult to see in anything but bright light, and, well, black can be a little bit boring. And when you are knitting men’s socks, all that black can seem like it is going on forever.

Right now I’m working on Hot Stuff! Socks from Wendy D. Johnson’s book [amazon_link id=”0307463850″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Toe-Up Socks for Every Body[/amazon_link] using Berroco Comfort Sock in colour Black. I picked the largest size, even though my husband has very narrow feet (sock sizes are generally done by foot and leg circumference, since the length is easily adjustable). I knit tightly, so I figured there wouldn’t be a problem. I could use a small needle size and it would work out great.

Hot Stuff Socks (WIP)

I’m sure you can guess what has happened. After turning the heel, and before beginning the colourwork, I asked my husband to try the sock on to see how it feels and to make sure it was long enough. The length was great, but the sock is just a bit too loose.

Now I need to decide if I press forward and hope that the sock will still be comfortable for him to wear, or do I rip out all that work on a black sock and start again using directions for the next size down. If I was using cotton yarn, I would just leave it, since I know that it will shrink a bit, but Berroco Comfort is acrylic and micro-fibre, so it isn’t going to change size at all. 🙁

Right now the socks are in a time out. If I am going to rip them out, I need to distance myself from all the work I’ve put into them for just a little while.


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