CreativFestival – Day 3

Yesterday was a very, very full day at the CreativFestival. My first class, at 9am, was with Larry Shackleton of Approved Sewing Machine Services. He taught us some basic sewing machine maintenance, and was extremely knowledgeable. I really enjoyed that class, and I feel like I can take good care of my simple Kenmore machine now (…or maybe I’ll look for a fancier machineĀ on the show floor today). He also talked a little bit about the pros and cons of different types of bobbin setups, about why using a 1/4″ foot is important when you want 1/4″ seam, keeping your oil fresh, and a bunch of other little tips like that. I really wish I had been able to take his second class on basic troubleshooting, since it would have been an excellent complement to the first class. But, instead I took a class with Jennifer Aikman-Smith.

I know that several of you have taken classes with Jennifer, so you know is how fabulous she is. For those who haven’t, all I can say is imagine a 6’4″ woman, perky, who is funny, incredibly creative, and unendingly kind. She is truly a lovely lady, and classes with her are one of the highlights of my year.

Yesterday I took three classes with her, all of which ended up being on perforated paper. Unfortunately, because I was feeling a bit run down and off kilter yesterday (things are taking a greater toll on me than I expected, unfortunately), I wasn’t able to get too much stitching done. But, here is a picture with some bits with a little bit of stitching on them. šŸ˜‰

Dragons WIPs from Dragon Dreams

The first class (upper left) was Santa’s Little Helper, a cute Christmas dragon pin with a jingle bell around his neck. You can see a picture of him here, on Jennifer’s latest newsletter. Of course, he is much cuter in person. I also understand that he will be available from PatternsOnline before Christmas. If you want to make sure you have the supplies on hand, you will need some white Fuzzy Stuff from Rainbow Gallery, a small jingle bell, and some beads for his necklace. (The kit has black bugle beads, gold star sequences, and gold beads.)

The second class was Christmas Cookie Thief (upper right), which is a cute little ornament with a dragon, some cookies and a gingerbread man. Adorable!

The final class of the day was Perforated Paper Castle and Dragon (bottom), which, as you can imagine, is a perforated paper castle. However, the dragon isn’t stitched. He is a little Fimo dragon made by Jennifer! Everyone got a little guy who was different from everyone else’s, and they are all cute beyond words. You can see mine in the picture above. But, again, as I am taking pictures early in the morning, with very poor light, everything looks terrible. I will take better pictures of the dragon minion (and Jennifer’s autograph on his butt) early next week. And, of course, I will share pictures of the finished pieces as they are finished.

I did manage to get in some shopping yesterday as well. Yarn was purchased, which you may have seen if you follow me on Twitter. I also bought a couple of books, some magazines, two purse sewing kits from Quilt a Bag (love!!), and some sewing notions. I’ll share pictures of all of this next week, when I can spread out and take some good pictures.

Today is another long day. My first class is at 9 again, this time with Charles Voth to learn about intarsia in the round (a knitting technique). Afterwards, I will be going to a creativity lecture by Jennifer. After that: more shopping and maybe some make-and-takes. And, finally, I will be attending the “gala” dinner and fashion show. My only hope is that the fashion show isn’t as long as in the past.

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  1. Giovanna says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing more of these projects as they advance!