Mini Mitten

Clearly, I’m on a bit of a mini kick this month. This is a super cute small mitten that I knit for a lady I know through Ravelry.

Smitten from Knit Picks

The pattern is Smitten (A Holiday Garland) from Knit Picks (free download link). The yarn in Red Heart Super Saver in colour Dark Leaf. And, as you can see, it knits up to be about the same size as an iPod Touch.

This mitten will be added to a bunch more that the lady is collecting and knitting herself, and will go together to make a super cute holiday garland/advent calendar for her little guy. It is a nice feeling to know that I am contributing, in a small way, to their happy holiday celebrations.

Oh yeah, it is only 80 sleeps until Christmas!

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2 Responses to Mini Mitten

  1. cucki says:

    i love it so much xx

  2. Dani says:

    Seriously? 80 I didn’t need to know that!

    Cute mitten!