Princess and Dragon

I fished another old CreativFestival design out of the old workbasket. This one is First Dragon Encounter by Jennifer Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams.

First Dragon Encounter by Dragon Dreams (WIP)

I haven’t made a whole huge amount of progress on it, but considering all I had stitched in the class was a wee bit of her bodice, I’d say I’m doing pretty well. (I think I remember this being one of my last classes for that weekend, so I decided to work on another design in class that was closer to being finished.)

The design is from the 2008 CreativFestival (and is now available on Patterns Online). It is stitched with DMC floss and one colour of Waterlilies Silk (Sky Blue Pink) on 28 count Mushroom Jazlyn.

I plan to stitch more or less as charted, although I think I will probably leave off the blackwork elements around the outside. I suppose I will see how I feel when the princess and her wee dragon are stitched.

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2 Responses to Princess and Dragon

  1. Christine says:

    Cute! How many of Jenn’s classes are you taking this year?

  2. cucki says:

    looking so lovely so far..hugs xxx