Favourite Thread

I’m so delighted to see that the Stitching Bloggers Question is back! This month Lee has asked:

What’s your favorite color of thread? Pick just one. Why do you like it?

Just about anyone who knows me can quickly answer that: purple! But, if I had to narrow it down, had to point to the exact shade of purple, the one that I would stitch an entire Ink Circles design in. Well, that is difficult.

I love all shade of purple, from DMC 211 to 550 and even into the blue purples like 333. But my favourite shades are the medium blue-purples, like DMC 340 for example. But would I say that’s my favourite? Nope.

DMC Purples (333, 211 and 550)

My favourite purple (at least this week) is Dinky Dyes Boulia.

Dinky Dyes Boulia

Why do I like purple? Well, I’ve never given it much thought. Maybe it is because it is a regal colour (although what the ancients called imperial purple was not quite what we think of as purple today). Maybe I like the large range of purple shades, all the way from very redish to very blue to almost black. Or, maybe I like it just because. 😉

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