TUSAL – December 2011

Well, we survived Christmas and Boxing Day. Everyone was happy with what Santa brought, and with what was bought at the after Christmas sales (massaging chair for the computer? Yes, please!). Of course, in all the hubbub, I missed the new moon on the 24th. So, as always, my TUSAL (totally useless stitch along) post is late.

TUSAL - December 2011

If you’d like to take part in the TUSAL next year, head over here to Daffycat’s blog and sign up. The first posting date for next year is January 23rd.

To help keep my ort collecting a little neater next year, I’ll be using this cute little thread catcher that Erica picked up for me. It’s made by Lantern Moon, a US company that works with women and families in Vietnam, Cambodia (a country currently close to my heart) and Bali, providing them with education, safe work environments and fair pay.

Mort Ort Collector

I hope Santa was good to each and everyone one of you, and to your families and loved ones.

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