A Little Tea Cake

Sometimes during my rare trips to the local dollar store I come across something pretty interesting. I’ve snagged cool Maisto colour-changing cars for the little man, and cute bits and bobs for exchange packages. And, very occasionally, I’ve even come across some pretty cool craft supplies.

Green Tea Cake

This cute little cake came from a kit that cost a whole $1.

Green Tea Cake

Now, I will admit that the instructions weren’t very good, and the felt isn’t top quality, but I’m still pretty pleased with how it turned out. In the midst of cutting out some fifteen odd tiny pieces of green felt, I may have utter a few choice words. And I probably swore at least once I would never make another one. But when all is said and done, I’m happy with it and…

Strawberry Cake Kit

yeah, I bought another kit.

For those interested in the gritty details, the kit is from Dollarama. It comes with instructions, felt, cotton thread, a needle, and some fibre fill. It takes a year and a day to cut out all the tiny pieces, but everything goes together fairly well. The kit suggests sewing everything together, but I will admit to making use of glue for some of it.

There are six Little Cake kits all together, but I think I’ll be calling it quits after I make the strawberry one… unless I can find the grape one.

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  1. Ah! Those are too cute!!!