March Stitching Blogger Question

Oh, March, you are a changeable lady. So far this month we have had two wind storms, a lovely warm day, snow, and heavy rain. Goodness knows what the rest of the month will bring! I just hope that the weather will be nice for our flight on the 24th, and that Air Canada won’t have any part of their staff on strike. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for things to see or places to shop in St. Thomas or San Juan, please let me know. We will have about eight hours in both ports, but don’t plan to stray too far from the ship. The beginning of April is going to to busy for me, and I really want to return from the cruise rested, not worn out.

On to the stitching!

This month’s Stitching Blogger Question from Lee of Lake Stitcher is:

Do you participate in exchange or RR stitching? Why or Why Not?

I don’t take part in round robin stitching for a couple of reason. First, I stitch opposite from most people. While I could easily turn all the pieces I get 90°, I’m afraid someone who got my piece wouldn’t notice and I’d get back something that looked a wee bit off. The second reason is that Canada Post is very expensive. The least I can expect to pay to ship something to the US is about $6, and within Canada it would be around $7. So, if I had to mail out, say, five or six times, I’m look at $30+ in shipping costs. And, unfortunately, there is no tracking across the borders, there are long delays at customs sometimes, etc. It just isn’t worth the hassle.

I used to take part in exchanges. Sure, there was still the same problem with mailing the package, but at least it was only one package I had to worry about, and my love of exchanges totally made up for the stress of mailing. I’d really love to do another exchange sometime soon. Anyone?


Now for one last subject change: today is International Women’s Day.We may be lucky in terms of equality here in North America, but there are women all around the world struggling for basic human rights, let alone equality with men. I hope that the husband and I are doing a good job for teaching the little man that neither sex is inferior. Although, he says Momma’s kisses heal hurts better than Daddy’s. 😉

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  1. Anna says:

    My all time favorite beach in the world is in St. Thomas. Go to Magens Bay. Relax on the beach. Have the waiter bring you a cocktail. Lovely calm waters… and did I mention the cocktails?