Paper Dragon

One of the fabulous things about having a small child (besides the endless entertainment from the funny things he says) is that I now get to play with toys and do other fun things that I haven’t done in about thirty years (wha!?!). Yesterday afternoon, the little man and I spent about an hour putting together a Lego set, and it was wonderful. (Don’t worry, I didn’t pay anywhere near that price. Would you believe I found it for CAN$20 at our local dollar/junk shop.)

This morning we worked on a little papercraft project. Due to the need to use sharp things, I did most of the work. But, the little man did try to help stick everything together with the world’s least sticky glue stick.  He told me he thought it was broken. I told him it was crap. (I’m already imagining the letters the teacher will send home when he starts school…)

Spring Dragon Calendar from Scout Creative

This cute guy is one of Scout Creative’s free monthly papercraft calendars. All you need is a colour printer, some scissors, a glue stick (that actually works) and some patience. They are really easy to put together, even though they look terribly complicated. And each one features a little calendar, so they are useful too.

The calendar part of the Spring Dragon calendar

These projects work better on heavier paper, but all we’ve got in the house right now is copy paper and really heavy card stock. So, our dragon is a bit whimpy. She (he?) is still really cute, though.

Three simple pieces!

I think this cute monitor monster just might be our next papercraft project.

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