Wedding Announcement and Theme-a-licious

Obligation stitching. Who doesn’t love it? Yeah, me either. But, I love my mom and I love to stitch.

Wedding Announcement from JBW Designs

This is Wedding Announcement by JBW Designs. It has been discontinued, but I was able to hunt down a copy at my LNS. (I checked online first since I figured they wouldn’t have a discontinued chart. After a fruitless search on the interwebs, I was so happy to find it in my own backyard, as it were.)

It is stitched in the spring colourway with the called for DMC. I changed the metallic thread to PTB, and I substituted another Mill Hill treasure (12018) for the light pink heart that was supposed to be at the top. I also left out the small over-one stitches in #12 perle cotton that gave the piece a polka-dot sort of a look. I dropped the word “and” down one full row to make everything look a little more balanced. The fabric is 28ct. white Lugana. (Although I love linen, I think lettering looks much nicer on evenweave.)

This was a pretty quick stitch. I worked on it for a very short time over several days, but I suspect you could get it done in a weekend easily. The chart is very, very tiny, but it blows up nicely. I think this is a design that I will stitch again for a quick and pretty wedding gift.

Today is supposed to be Theme-a-licious posting day. Well, after finishing up Winter Keep/Summer Keep, I switched over to another old Creativ Festival kit. I’ll share pictures of it a little later. Right now, here’s another look at my Theme-a-licious finish for this month, just to make everything all official like. 😉

Winter Keep/Summer Keep by Teresa Wentzler and Jennifer Aikman-Smith

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3 Responses to Wedding Announcement and Theme-a-licious

  1. Christine says:

    Now you’ve got me pondering if I should do winter and summer keep when I’m finished my dragons! Nice finishes. I really like the wedding one, simple but pretty.

  2. Those keeps are beautiful. =) Can’t wait to see what the other old kit was! Congrats on finishing the wedding piece. I love the treasure you used at the top.

  3. Giovanna says:

    Very pretty wedding announcement – well done!